Amazing Health Benefits within a Handful of Tea Leaves

A cup of hot steaming Chai is a perfect stabilizer everyone will be craving for, being regardless of the season in a year or the time in a day. Modern lifestyle, rash food habits, corporate world are today’s unattachable entity in the lives of almost each one of us, which results in myriad health issues, ranging from obesity to anxiety disorders and osteoporosis. A cup of tea can be a perfect soother in such times of your health and mind. A handful of tea leaves has such magical health benefits that you will be amazed by knowing. Now we will be discussing some exotic medicinal properties in the leaves of the best tea in India, and it will make you incorporate cups of fresh tea into your daily wellness routine.

Green Tea:

The first trace of green tea goes back to around 2737 BC. Since then, it amazes us with its numerous health benefits with a refreshing flavour. 15-20% of dried green tea has catechins in it, which is a very potent anti-microbial element. Catechins also contain the anti-flu virus in it, and it is proven that Catechins has some ability to cholesterol and inhibit the increase of blood pressure. Some cancer-preventing ability is also infused with the other goodness in the element Catechins of Green Tea leaves.

Recently a small study using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) discovered that green tea has an immense ability to improve cognitive function, and other research indicates that consuming green tea can reduce neurological disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. So, for your own goodness you must consume some of the best green tea in Chennai.

Black tea:

The process of putting tea leaves exposed in oxygen-rich, moist air darkens their natural green hue, and this process is called Oxidation. It increases the chemical formation of two compounds, theaflavins and thearubigins, which influence black tea’s signature taste and increases its health benefits. A recent study on inflammation has proved that black tea may protect the lungs from the heavy oxidative damage of cigarette smoking by preventing and apoptosis. For the scientists, this is sufficient evidence to suggest that regular intake of three cups of black tea can control the risk of coronary heart disease as it is enriched with polyphenols.

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