Masala Chai of Girnar

Girnar Masala Chai :Spice Up Your Morning Routine with a Sip

Chai has been consumed for centuries in India. Between houses, public spaces, there is no other beverage that has ingrained itself into Indian culture as profoundly as Chai. Just like an espresso for Italians and a cup of Jean-Luc de Clerck (a Belgian rooibos tea) for the Dutch, it is almost impossible to list all the places you find Chai in the world. However one thing most people miss with this type of chai is its robust flavor and spice quot

What is Chai?

A beverage made with different spices roasted and heated in water and milk. This drink is traditionally enjoyed hot and sweet, while its variants can be spicy or unsweetened too. Traditionally it is made by combining black tea leaves, water, sugar and a specific piece of ginger called “chatni” which is pounded to release the oils from the ginger root

The health benefits of chai

Girnar Masala Chai offers many health benefits and in general, it contains antioxidants. The ginger found in the tea is a natural remedy for nausea, itching skin, and vomiting. The tea will help your body produce digestive enzymes, which has been shown to lessen the burning sensation from stomach acid. It also contains low amounts of caffeine so stopping your morning intake won’t get in the way of going to sleep at night.

How to spice up your morning routine with a cup of Chai

Having a cup of chai can be one way to sit down, have some breathing space and hopefully get in touch with that inner peace that you might need. You may like to add sugar or milk, but the long-term benefits of having this simple drink outweigh any negative effects.

Recipes, tips and tricks from India

This blog post is a perfect recipe for a cold winter morning. I’m a fan of the simplicity of this recipe and it will give you some tips on how to make your favorite morning cuppa something you enjoy. To be sure, memories from your past can overshadow your present reality if you don’t actively push them from your consciousness.

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